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Misconceptions About Denim

Posted: Dec 03 2014

The Evolution from Denim to Stretch Denim

There is a great deal of misinformation or at the very least misconceptions about denim, what it is, what it was, what stretch jeans for women are and the distinction that stretch denim in blue jeans carries with it. Stretch jeans for women are a great tool for heavier set folks but they also have got a place among sophisticated fashion-istas as well. Here is a rundown of the denim myths and facts as well as some helpful information for you to broaden your purchasing horizons into the world of stretch jeans for women.

Denim: What It Is:

Denim in blue jeans is one of those fabrics that has been around for very near 150 years now. Many associate Levi Strauss with creating the very first denim blue jeans in the late 1800’s. But denim goes back even further than that. Denim the fabric dates back to 17th Century Italy. Still Strauss introduced the blue jean overall in the late 1800’s.  Back in those days denim was really for the manual labor worker. Even more specific the legend goes that Strauss made the first denim blue jeans for gold miners in California. My how things have changed since then. You can still see folks panning for gold in denim at Jamestown of Coloma but the chances of these denim-clad folks striking it rich are not good.

Denim Legend

It took until the 1900’s for denim to finally catch on. Just after the Great Depression denim was considered a good thing to wear while you’re working. Fast forward a little more and we all remember that “Rebel Without a Cause” and his flipped collar and tight washed denim jeans. The image of the denim wearer as a perennial bad boy will be forever etched in that James Dean character. There have been many since and there will always be new “bad boys” in our mind’s eye but the chances of their toughness being called into question when they’re wearing denim blue jeans is highly unlikely.

In modern day parlance denim blue jeans are more than just a “bad boy” look. They are high fashion, grunge, relaxed elegance, tight fitting, miniskirt, bell-bottom, overalls and so many other incarnations. The sheer volume of ways you can wear your denim shows not just its versatility but also how much people love their denim.

Just look at how far denim has come from that traditional "Rebel Without A Cause" look.  Who would have thought that "denim" would have evolved to a pant with red printed lips on them!

Printed Stretch Skinny Denim

Denim Basics

Practically denim is a cotton textile which uses a diagonal twill weave to achieve its characteristic ribbing in jeans.  Even though many famous individuals and others of importance have embraced denim as a wear-around material the fact remains that denim is still largely a casual clothing material. That doesn’t mean you won’t see folks in denim blue jeans waiting tables, working at the gas station, laying down pipe, or even teaching school. It just means that denim is not something you are going to see in formal settings like weddings, black tie dinners, funerals, or jury duty.

Denim has changed in recent years as the costs of fabric have gone up while our pocket books have all shrunken. Many modern “jeans” are presumed to be denim and some of them are. But most types of denim blue jeans have actually morphed to include other materials. This has happened for several reasons; cost and access to source material are two; but also using other materials allows the fabric to be more flexible. Flexible jeans means comfortable customers; comfortable customers are happy customers.

Stretch Jeans for Women:

High Waist Stretch Skinny Jeans Look Like Real Denim

Many people approach something like stretch denim with a loaded eye. They think that stretch denim is only something for those that can’t fit into a “regular” denim. Or that if you are wearing stretch denim you are actually wearing the very worst type of spandex material; both of those things could not be further from the truth.  Stretch denim has not only designed to be comfortable and durable but allows for chic & sexy look unmatched by your original "gold miners" denim. Just check these out, as an example.

The fact is that stretch jeans were once upon a time something that only a certain body type would wear. But as we have evolved we see that if the manufacturer increases the quality of the stretch denim product then there is going to be a higher demand for that same finished product. If the demand is there then people will purchase the product. And so the high-fashion stretch denim evocation was had with stretch denim jeans such as these taking on additional fashion distressed detail.

Many of the best stretch jeans for women these days have an amazing fit and are indistinguishable from “regular” denim. Just take a look at these jeans on the right, as an example. ‘What is the fit?’ you might ask. The fit of these jeans is quite simply the way the jeans rest on the body. Stretchy Jeans appeal to women of all shapes and sizes - petite women love them because they fit their smaller but still adult and sexy shapes the same as they would any larger curvaceous woman. When looking towards some of the very best quality stretch jeans for women you will see that their sizes range dramatically, from a size 0 to a 3XL in many instances. Size 0 jeans of the stretch variety would have been unheard of only a few years ago. 

Moms and even just average Jane’s are going to wax and wane around their body size and fit for most of their lives. If they are wearing good quality stretch jeans for women they will be with a garment that still has a good stretch to it and can accommodate those women who have a more dynamic figure.

At the end of the day the decision of what and why to wear something really all comes down to what works for you and what you find best suits your needs. If you have got a favorite old raggedy pair of torn blue jeans that you’ve made it through college with and they still fit, then you should wear them into the ground, by all means. But if you are looking for a blue jean that fits and doesn’t work against your modern body and your fluctuating waistline then you might want to look into one of the newer styles of these amazing, high quality stretch jeans for women.  What's more, stretch jeans take away all the angst of buying jeans online - no longer do you have to try on 15 pairs at the mall to find the "right fit".  

Stretch jeans make the right fit your fit.